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Useful Links

Okay folks another page:

On this page I would like to put useful links that the kin have found.

Title Description URL (Hyperlink)

 Legendary Items

 A good alround guide to legendary items (lvl 45+)


Lore Guides for different classes 

 A list of the class skills and what they do, and when they are available- your first port of call for your class.

Be careful, they can be out of date as the game patches are applied












 Other useful guides - Captain



 Which virtues should I trait and why? a useful guide, and also lore on the value of virtues 

A good guide to hunting grounds for the deeds that give virtues



Equipment and Outfits

Descriptions of equipment and armour sets. Sub pages show pictures of equipment, and tables explaining the bonuses, and attributes. Really useful for comparing armour sets by class


Riding and Horses

Want to know how to get your first LOTRO horse? This link is a really useful beginners guide



 And a guide to horses with pictures



 The Task system, introduced in the November 2010 Update, introduced approximately 250 new repeatable quests. These quests are available to all players, regardless of subscription type, and regardless of Quest Pack purchases.

Tasks provide an alternative means of gaining experience (and sometimes reputation), targeted specifically at Free players, but available to any player of an appropriate level



Browse the items sold by barterers in Lothlórien, Mirkwood and Mines of Moria as well as Skirmish Camps using a highly interactive interface with in-game UI boxes and item images. You can also see item appearances for armour and weapons, and even housing items. Also has a search by item facility, to see who is abrtering that item


 Fem Armour

 At level 38, there is a chained set of quests that give your toon one of the best sets of armour at this level*, Many toons are still wearing this armour or parts of it into the 50's. This link shows you one of the quests, clicking the armour (light medium or heavy), will take you to a page where you can see the rest of the set. The kin is quite happy to help you out in completing this chain at level 38. Higher levelled Hunters are particularly useful in saving time.

* Some hunters find that the partial armour set from the troll shaws enhances this set


Crafted Relics

 This pages lists all the details for the crafted relics that will fit into the 4th slot on your legendary items.



In LOTRO, reputation is your standing with a given NPC faction. Most of these factions are associated with an area or people you encounter while adventuring, but there are factions for the crafting guilds and even a drinking faction called the Inn League. Which factions should you care about? What's the best way to earn reputation with each faction? Most importantly what are the advantages


 Mysterious relics

 Be aware this is a spoiler thread



 A page telling some details expected in the next expansion . looking at an enhanced new-player experience, instance scaling and the addition of Enedwaith 



 More details on the repeatable quests.Definetly read especially the bit about the quest Quest: An Outstretched Hand If you want gold tokens take the algraig side of the quest (grey company rep is not to hard you get it from quests and deed competion)


Maps of Enedwaith

 The new playable area Enedwaith that will go live with the Volume 2, Book 3 launch this Fall.



 Minas Elendur + Delotham


The next expansion part 2

 Currently, the LotRO closed beta is featuring the fall festival. This article highlights some of what can be expected


Free to Pay, the expansion. Beta version of the store

This was put together for the beta players, and with the NDA lifted here it is for everyone else. Keep in mind this is all still subject to change and revision, and is not necessarily completely up to date with the latest beta build.

Note: due to the current slow nature of the forums i will try to add a page showing the base content.


Decoration and Furniture Guide

Decoration and Furniture Guide is the perfect reference for all your housing needs. Covering every decoration item available to LOTRO players; this Guide is also currently the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date listing of housing items available online.


LotRO Character Comparison

 Compare two characters in LotRO, even on different servers. Useful also to check items on your own toons (and other peoples)


 Instance Warg Pens


 Instances in Mirkwood

 Guide to Sword Halls, Warg Pens, Dungeons of Dul Guldur and Sammath Gul.


Instances: Fil Gashan

Tips on how to run the Fil Gashin Instance, this is a really good blow by blow account of what to do.


Instances: Forges of Khazad Dum

Tips on how to run the Forges of Khazad Dum Instance, this is a really good blow by blow account of what to do. Its from a Burglars point of view but still useful


 Instances: Sword Halls


Tips on how to run the Forges of Khazad Dum Instance, this is an account of what to do. Its from a Hunters point of view but still useful, it doesnt however mention using the blood spot for the third boss see: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Sword_Halls


 Instances: The Watcher (Raid)

I havent played this, and presume it is the Vile Maw, but this looks like one really good guide.


Relic Of Lumul Nar VolII book 8 chapter 3

This is quite a difficult small fellowship (and later solo)- pays to read this before you start it.





 another diagram for the final mirrors



 A really detailed walkthu- especially useful for the solo play


The Water Wheels: Nalâ-dûm

 Description of the various deeds and quests in Nala Dum, including Vol. II, Book 8, Chapter 4: A Relic in Nalâ-dûm




 Map for drowned treasury




 LoTRO has some good music, and these two sites provide MP3 versions



How to earn Turbine Points




 This are some  sites that shows how to play music in LoTRO



 Music files

 and sites for abc music files



Legendary Item Point Spender

A good 'What if" tool to see just what you can make of your legendary items



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