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YAA- Yet Another Acronym

YAA- Yet Another Acronym

Lotro (Lord of the Rings online) chat is full of acronyms, now I dont intend to list all the chatty ones (for example ROFL), but I would like to put up a list of the location acronyms, which seem to catch people out. also see http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/World_instances

Acronym What it Means (Location/Instance)  Type Notes Useful Links
DN Dar Narbugud Raid A multi-boss dungeon featuring six boss fights with trash mobs interspersed between them, comparable to the Rift in length and difficulty http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Guide_to_Dar_Narbugud
GA Garth Agarwen- Lone lands Fellowship Also referred to as the Agamaur-instance


GB Great Barrows- Breeland Fellowship The first major instance, located in The Barrow Downs  
GS Grand Stairs - Moria Fellowship Instances and quests mainly for moria medallions, but also class quests for hunter  
TC Thrors Coombe- Enedwaith Fellowship Fellowship instances usually for Gold tokens  not yet known
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