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I have decided to put a few things here I wish I knew earlier.

Legendary Items

A few people have asked for help in this area, and there are some good sites available, however they all seem to be lacking a good description of how you gain relics. So first off the links, I suggest you have a good look at these.




Where to find relics:

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Relics can be acquired thru many channels, the most common is the deconstruction of the numerous Legendary items you find or acquire. (note on Khazdul tablets, and ancient dwarf tools, Note on vendors in Mirkwood, lothlorien?, enedwaith?). Relics can also be found as quest rewards, typically in the form of 'fused relics'

You can get them from the Skirmish vendors by trading skirmish marks. [Fused Early Relics][Fused Aged Relics][Fused Aged Relics][Fused Aged Relics]


Legendary items can be traded and sold if you have not slotted them and begun to level them. Once slotted, the item is bound to you and cannot be sold, traded, or destroyed. However, it can be deconstructed. Any Legendary Item can be deconstructed, even items you do not want or need can be broken down into relics to slot into other legendary items. All legendary items can be deconstructed; even bound items. Higher level items will give the best results.

It appears the best time to deconstruct 'junk' legendaries to get the maximum relics, item experience bubbles etc back is when the weapons are levelled to levels 11,21,31,41,51, maxed out.

Quest Rewards

This is by no means an exhaustive list of where relics can be found as quest rewards, but is the some of the more common places you get them.

  • There are two dwarves in the dolven view who give tiered quests, that give as rewards which give titles to your legendary item, or fused relics.


You can trade with certain vendors to get relics, but usually these require quite tokens which take some effort to gain

Crafted Relics (the 4th slot)

With the introduction of Siege of Mirkwood a crafted relics slot was added to legendary items. Crafted relic recipes are available as guild recipes. After crafting the item from the recipe you must return to the guild leader to convert it to a symbol that can then be deconstructed by a relic-master to obtain the relic. The crafted relic becomes a permanent part of your weapon and will not return to your pool when you reforge or deconstruct the weapon. There are three tiers of crafted relics.



If you happen to put relics on a legendary item that you plan to deconstruct, make sure to wait until you can reforge it, and then check the "unslot relics" box. This way you can get those relics back. Otherwise the relics will be destroyed when you deconstruct.

It appears the best time to deconstruct 'junk' legendaries to get the maximum relics, item experience bubbles etc back is when the weapons are levelled to levels 11,21,31,41,51, maxed out.

Global Looking for Fellowship Channel

There is a global Looking for Fellowship Channel, it uses the Customisable chat system. I quote from http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Release_Notes_Book_11

  • Customizable Chat: User-defined chat channels (up to 4 slots) are now available!
    • /joinchannel <name> [password]' will create a channel (or join, if already existing) in the next free slot
    • /leavechannel <name>' will exit a user channel, if already in it
    • /userchat# <msg>' or '/uc# <msg>' will send a message to the channel of the slot specified
    • /userchat <name> <msg>' or '/uc <name> <msg>' will send a message to the named chat channel if you're already a member of that channel
    • You can also use /1, /2, /3, or /4 to talk in your user-defined chat channels.
  • The Global Looking For Fellowship  is entered by /joinchannel GLFF

    Radiance Armour Comparisons

    Radiance armour is needed for certain quests in Moria, and later. So what is Radiance, well 10 points of Radiance equals 1 point of Hope. Hope will reduce the effects of dread.

    There are a number of sets of Radiance armour, but i have seen only 3, and one of those I have yet to find how you get them. I will write more as i find the time.

    In the meantime here is a good website for comparisons of Radiance Armour sets.


    and here is an excellant site explaining radiance and some more useful stuff for the "end game", or higher levels




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